Save Money, Retire Sooner

Clock IconJuly 12th, 2006

The Motley Fool has an interesting article on how to retire sooner. If you can cut corners on things that you do not really need at the moment, you are able to save this money to retire earlier. The article shows some nice examples how to this saved money to work.

Collaboration Made Simple with Bracket Notation

Clock IconJuly 6th, 2006

Sometimes the little things make the difference. This one is no exception. Since the introduction of HTML mails nothing has been so badly used. I for myself still prefer plain text mails, not only because of their lower size but also because there is no good about color coded emails with all kind of whacky fonts.

humanized.com has a nice article where they show how to make notations with a simple bracket system. This system is so plain simple and amazing. But take a look for yourself.

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