WordPress makes theme creation easy

Clock IconApril 17th, 2007

Thanks to the ease of use of WordPress I had my basic design implemented after the day I had set up my new blog. I just tweaked some parts over the weekend to style some subpages.

WordPress is really easy to use, in just 2 days from knowing nothing about WordPress I went to a fully set up blog with my own theme. The documentation on wordpress.org is really excellent and helps a lot.
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Getting a free iPod, it really works!

Clock IconMarch 6th, 2006

I’m now a happy owner of a free iPod. At first I was very suspicious since it sound too good to be true. You’ll get a 30GB iPod video just for signing up for some promotional offers, you’ll need 5 more friends that do the same, and that’s it. Hard to believe isn’t it. But here’s the proof.
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Alias Online Store went out of Serial Numbers

Clock IconJanuary 1st, 2006

So a few weeks ago I decided to buy myself an upgrade to Alias Sketchbook Pro 2. Which by the way features some nice art from Bobby Chiu on their website, which you can buy from Bobby.So I went to their online store entered all the needed information and finished my purchase with downloading the software. I received the usual e-mail receipt which usually also contains the serial number. But guess what, not this time.

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