How to use PhpStorm with Drupal

Clock IconMarch 27th, 2012

I’ve created a video to show some of the highlights of PhpStorm and how to use it in your Drupal project. I highly recommend setting up a local development environment with Xdebug. You should watch the HD version of the PhpStorm with Drupal Tutorial Video. Also I have collected some additional resources on how to configure PhpStorm for Drupal and how to set up MAMP Pro with Xdebug. Read the rest of this entry »

Handy free PDF annotation tool

Clock IconMay 29th, 2007

Skim screenshot version 0.3Would it not it be great if you could read a PDF manual like a book and make annotations? Would it not be great if such a software would not cost you a dime? Well Skim is exactly that. A helpful PDF annotation tool which lets you highlight important things and lets you add and edit notes.

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Do you need disk defragmentation tools for OS X?

Clock IconMay 17th, 2006

You probably heard a lot of opinions about defragmentation tools, the need for them and the problems they might cause especially with older defragmentation software. On a Windows based machine the answer is without any question that you need a defragmentation tool. But what about the OS X platform?
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