Apple 27″ iMac (late 2009) Core i5 and Core i7 benchmarks are out

Just a quick update for the Apple 27″ iMacs (late 2009). The first benchmark results have arrived for the 27″ iMac Core i5 and 27″ iMac Core i7. Geekbench 2 shows even faster results in 64-Bit mode.

I’ve updated the chart to correct a small error because the Core i5 result wasn’t taken with the same Geekbench version as the others. Now all results are taken with Geekbench 2 version 2.1.4 and with OS X 10.6.2. I’ve also added the latest Mac Pro models (early 2009) so that you can better compare the results.

Update: Bare Feats now also has benchmark results for the Core i7, Core i5 compared to the early 2009 Mac Pro’s.

Here are the results:


results taken from Geekbench website: iMac Core i5 2.66Ghz, iMac Core i7 2.8Ghz, iMac Core 2 Duo 3.33Ghz, iMac Core 2 Duo 3.06Ghz, Mac Pro 2.93Ghz (1 CPU), Mac Pro 2.93Ghz (2 CPUs)

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by t_royer: benchmark results compared for Apple’s latest iMac lineup from 3.06 to Core i7 2.8Ghz http://tr.im/EU7s

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  7. Apple iPod says:

    Cheers for the update :D
    Gunna get the new iMac for christmas! :D

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  9. pauln says:

    Could you perhaps compare these results with geekbench scores for Mac Pros?

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  18. Denos says:

    RAM? – Do these Macs all have the same RAM? What are the numbers.
    GPUs? What are the video cards. The 27″ iMac is a ATI 4850.
    The Mac Pro? A 4870?

    How comparable are these results without the configurations?
    And that’s not even mentioning OpenCL!

  19. TR says:

    GPU doesn’t matter since Geekbench only measures the CPU and memory performance. From what I’ve seen the amount of RAM isn’t that important for the benchmark.

  20. gno says:

    Does anyone know if the Mac Pro benchmarks are from “Nehalem” Xeons?

    On second thought, it may not matter that much when the next generation Mac Pros start shipping with faster Core i7 Xeons…

    That’s may be about the same time that buyers who were seriously considering Mac Pro’s (and bought Core i7 iMacs instead) may be looking back at how they got there…

    Business as usual.

  21. TR says:

    These are the latest Mac Pros available (early 2009, Nehalem).

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  23. Trexuphigh says:

    I bought the i7 IMac with 8GB RAM. At work I support year old Mac Pros with dual Xeons and 8GB of RAM. Using XBench The iMac scores a 220 and the Mac Pros clock in at 145.

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